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“We aim to be recognized as the best and most reliable timber and board frame supplier in the industry.”

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About Our Company

Ashapura Timber Mart was established in the year 1985, having its Head Office at Chengal Pattu, Kancheepuram District, Tamil Nadu, India. Later in the year 1994, Ashapura Wood Industries was established with the motto of supplying quality wooden packing materials and block board frames. And the new in the list is Ashapura Trading Company to meet the growing demand of Burmese Teak and readymade doors like Teak wood solid entrance door, Membrane door, panel door, plywoods etc. The company is owned and led by

  • Ratansi R Patel
  • Bhavanji R Patel
  • Nanji R Patel
  • Chagan R Patel


Name of the firm : Ashapura Timber Mart (ATM), Ashapura Wood Industries (AWI) and Ashapura Trading Company (ATC)

Location of the firm: Chengal Pattu, Tamil Nadu, India

Nature of the firm : Partnership

Nature of Business: Trading Timber, Plywood’s, Flush Doors, Panel Doors, Wood Processing, Block Board Frames etc.


All the four partners are actively engaged in the business activities along with the siblings, and there is a free flow of communication between the management and the employees. Decisions are taken collectively by the partners, and the employees are free to contact the management at any point of time. There is no such hierarchy present the organisation in the firm. The organization is more of a flat structure.

The work in ATM is divided among each member as:
  • Mr. Ratansi Patel-looks after the work in progress and new opportunities,
  • Mr. Nanji Patel - legal work and financing part,
  • Mr. Nitin Patel - Production and purchase
  • Mr. Vinoth Patel - Customer Relation, Sales, Office Work and Banking
The work in AWI is divided as:
  • Mr. Bhavanji Patel- Packing department (purchase, production and sales)
  • Mr. Chagan Patel - Block Board department, Purchase of Scraps
  • Mr. Ashok Patel - Banking, Office Work, Labour Relations and Local purchases.
  • Mr. Sanjay Patel - Accounting and Financial Analysis
The work in ATC is divided as:
  • Mr. Nitin Patel - Purchase
  • Mr. Rahul Patel - Customer Relation, Sales